About Benny

Alvin "Benny" Goodman is an expert craftsman based out of Northern Arizona. Benny has spent many years creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces out of juniper wood, as well as turquoise and copper interlaid into the pieces. This styling of furniture was created by Benny, and is a unique trademark Benny prides himself on through the creation of each and every piece crafted in his shop. Benny has created just about every type of furniture imaginable, from small entry tables, to large dining tables, mirrors, benches, and more. Every piece Benny creates is unique, all hand-crafted in his shop in Cottonwood, Arizona. You can visit Benny in his shop on the weekdays, by simply emailing Benny directly at cutlistpro@yahoo.com, or clicking the "Contact" tab on the website. Benny shows off the Benny Goodman Collection at many arts and crafts shows around Arizona, as well as surrounding states, including New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Check out the "Events" tab to see where the Benny Goodman Collection will be traveling next, to see Benny's inventory in it's full, most updated form. Happy shopping, and travel safely!